Eldmörja (glowing ashes) is an art and music project from Öland. The idea with the project was to find places and people who connect with them some how. It could be historical places and now living places.

When the project began we didn’t know that the people who lined up as extras would be so dedicated during the making of the films that they whanted to be in the next one as well. So the project became a natural social meeting project. People from all ages and cultures joined us.
The local newspaper wrote: The project Eldmörja is trying to catch the souls in the old villages on Öland.

We hope that you will enjoy the moving pictures along with the music.

Roine Magnusson

photographer with ten book titles on his worklist. The book ”Nära fåglar” was nominated for the Augustpriset
in the autumn of 2017. He is always searching for new expressions with his artistry, mainly with his photos
but also with moving pictures as in Eldmörja. The Öland landscape is dear to his heart.

Patrik Arthursson
born and raised on the south of Öland from where his family has lived for generations.
His great interest for music and engagement for his native lead to the result of Eldmörja.
The violin and the landscape of Öland has given him the inspiration to compose music for Eldmörja.

Magnus Lundmark

 is a drummer and producer who gets his inspiration from all kinds of music and sounds.
He is much in demand for his skills as both percussionist and drummer.
In 2016 he composed music to the installation ”Landningsplats för moln” done by artist, Kristina Gadh.

Below Jens Johanssons behind the scene documentary of Eldmörja.
Jens also did the editing of the first six short films of Eldmörja.